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WOLVVES premiere EP, 'Feed the Hand that Bites'.
Inspired by darkness, predators, loneliness, ghost twins and the eternal wistfulness of platonic love.


released March 1, 2013

Joshua Valleau, Elizabeth Valleau, Lewis Valleau



all rights reserved


WOLVVES NYC New York, New York

Joshua Valleau, Elizabeth Valleau and Lewis Valleau have been making music separately and in pairs for years, but finally the siblings are united in a mission to take dance music into the darkest of nights.

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Track Name: WOLVVES - Ride Out
Crack a window put a foot against the sill, got my hands in a triangle. Hold this bottle and be careful not to spill, don't forget to blow the candle out.

Check the clock, triple check the block - take a breath to slow your heart. They can't tell us apart.

Ride out. Spit your gum into the subway stair; stick your money in your underwear. Your shoes are gone. Ride out. Your breath is burning up the air. Every place but here is Everywhere. The night is young.

When they said that is was us against the world they didn't know the half of it. (You were three, and I was three.) Take a shortcut across the forest; don't forget to bring a flashlight... Gonna dance all night.

Ride out.
Track Name: WOLVVES - Communion
I choose you
You're coming through
The sky's a stage
and you're the moon

Welcome to our house
we gon turn you out
how about
close your eyes and count to twenty
hope you brought a firearm

I choose you
You're moving through
The sky's a stage
and you're the moon
Track Name: WOLVVES - It Speaks
it speaks

blue as sky, my heart and hands
my feet so nice and warm and toasty
just a taste. my throat like sand -
salt and cinnamon adrenaline and fear

ground is frozen with big red checkers
saw a straggler, his eyes bright and white
we heard it speak, fur and daggers
just an empty belly in the empty night

it speaks

We've got a smell and temperature
an there's a soul left in our powdered bone
You're tired. mouth breather
With an angry belly dragging like a stone

Once we were Sisters
Now we are Wolves.

Arms in the air, fog rolling in
Eyeballs burning and a hanging mouth aghast
pine tree roast beef mineral
cinnamon and all our rest is in the past.

it speaks
Track Name: WOLVVES - Spoken City
Track Name: WOLVVES - A Breath Away
Come down to that place we sleep
Your scent as breathless as the spring
A million miles from your head to the pillow
Your radiance wakens every sleeping thing

"You're in my blood like holy wine
Tastes so bitter and so sweet"
My heart's a mess of climbing vines
With blossoms growing 'round your sleeping feet

The sky lit up around me
I swore the night was day
The miles stretch out behind me
But you're a breath away

Give it up; the sun is weary
Days are endless; Hours just fly away
Road eternity before me
Your scent like incense in the dying day

The sky lit up around me
I swore the night was day
The miles stretch out behind me
But you're a breath away

You're just a breath away
Track Name: WOLVVES - White on White
We on that night train riding with our heads cocked back
We in the night rain running till your backs all crack
You got those fever chills
We eatin' just for thrills
Run those little feet of yours until your lungs are pitch black

Escalade full of hot roast beef sandwiches
You got a first aid kit with no bandages
Our teeth are lucky dogs
You eaten' bugs and frogs
We White on White - you're fluffing pillows with the fishes

Summertime is hot and living is so easy
We Picking teeth, We Shootin' Skeet, We looking sleazy
We got A T-Bone Steak,
Cheese, Eggs and Welch's Grape
Love the little creatures just like Saint Francis of Asissi

Wild Turkey, Cat Fish, Red Grouse
We don't use cutlery - you wearing bows like Minnie Mouse
We don't have feelings
We don't use ceilings
Where you gonna run if the entire night is Our House.

(White on White)